AM Digital SOFT presentation

AM Digital SOFT presentation

ACON presents AM Digital SOFT - Filtration and heating control panel.

When starting and stopping a filtration pump, everyone has experienced the problem of water hammer.
The purpose of AM Digital SOFT was to solve this problem for monophase pumps where frequency converters are not available.

Thanks to the smooth start and stop of the filtration pump, the water flow rate is evenly ramped up, completely eliminating the possibility of water hammer. The mechanical and electrical parts of the pump are subjected to less stress, which increases the service life from 50 to 60%. The AM Digital SOFT features overload and dry run protection for current consumption, which further guarantees a safe and reliable filtration pump.

Within a day, 9 start and stop cycles can be set with an accuracy of 1 minute. The time interval set in the cycle determines the operating time of the pump. It is also possible to set the filtration pump to run 24 hours a day.

For additional monitoring and control, potential-free contact groups are provided.

These can be connected to:

  • Automatic backwash unit
  • UV lamp
  • Alarm signal
  • Flow sensor for blocking water heating

When the AUTOCLEAN S-Light automatic backwash is connected, a weekly schedule of up to two backwashes per day is created in the menu. For the control of 2 filtration pumps, the ACON range includes the AM Digital SOFT DOUBLE model

Thanks to the full production cycle, ACON gives a 3-year warranty on all equipment