The warranty on ACON equipment is 3 years.

The warranty on Rx and pH sensors is 6 months.

ACON service centers carry out warranty, post-warranty and non-warranty repair of equipment. Availability of all spare parts and components allows to carry out repairs as quickly as possible.

Diagnosis of the malfunction in most cases is made on the day of arrival at the service center.

The manufacturer guarantees normal operation of the device for 36 months from the date of sale.

The warranty does not cover elements and assemblies subject to normal-operational wear and tear and consumables, for example:

  • free chlorine sensor;
  • buffer solutions;
  • injection and intake valves

The product service life is defined by the manufacturer as 5 years, which is not a limitation for further operation, this period determines the period of service and program support.

In case of failure of the device ACON company undertakes to eliminate the identified faults within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the device in the service, having previously agreed the terms of repair with the applicant.