About the company:
ACON Company is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of dosing equipment and a wide range of microprocessor-based automation for swimming pools.
Informative matrix display
The main screen shows all key parameters of station operation.
Adaptive dispensing logic
Each dispense cycle recalculates the injection dose volume and agitation time.
Spring loaded cross member
Made of high performance polymer material.
Dosing pump tube made of Santoprene
Capacity 2.2 or 1.5 liters per hour. High performance characteristics. Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
Built-in WI-FI and Bluetooth modules
Remote access from anywhere in the world via ACON WEB and ACON Bluetooth mobile applications. Sending E-mail notifications.
Avoid simultaneous dosing of Cl and pH- reagents
The mixing of Cl and pH- leads to the formation of chlorine poison gas, therefore all ACON dosing stations have this protection.
Rx, pH,Cl and temperature measurement
Three galvanically isolated inputs allow a significant increase in measurement accuracy. Status monitoring of the measuring sensors.
Two-line display
Informative interface in Russian. Display of all parameters.
Programmable operating cycles
10 filtration cycles are set in the remote control settings. 24-hour filtration mode.
Automatic backwash and UV lamp control
The parameters and filter wash cycles are set in the remote control settings. Controls up to 2 AUTOCLEAN S-Light automatic backwash units.
RS-485 interface
Control of additional automation units.
Automatic calibration of the current consumption of the filtration pumps
The control panel automatically determines the rated current consumption of each pump and considers its value for the protections.
Control of 2 filtration pumps with smooth start-up and shutdown
Avoids hydraulic shocks during starting and stopping. Reduces winding overheating and eliminates jerks in the mechanical part of the drive.
Pump protection
Provides overcurrent and dry run protection for pumps.
Smooth start and stop of the attraction pump
Avoids hydraulic shocks during starting and stopping. Reduces winding overheating and eliminates jerk in the mechanical part of the drive.
Operation and alarm indication
The LEDs on the front panel show the mains supply, operation indication and alarms.
Automatic and manual operation
In automatic mode, start and stop is performed by the remote control unit.
Disconnector of the mains connection
In the event of an emergency, it allows the pump of the attraction to be de-energized immediately.
Protection against uncontrolled operation
The unit automatically shuts down the attraction pump when running for more than 15 minutes.
Automatic resetting of alarms
In the event of an emergency stop, a unit with timeouts of 1, 5 and 15 minutes allows the attraction pump to be restarted.
Amusement ride pump protections
Provides protection against overcurrent, reversed or open phases and dry running.
Optical sensors
Absolutely precise position detection of the 6-position valve.
Electric drive 4.8 rpm
High torque. High quality materials.
Three-point swivel mechanism
Securely locks the unit and changes the position of the 6-position valve.
RS-485 interface
Connection of the unit to an external control system.
Possibility to connect an uninterruptible power supply unit
Prevents uncontrolled situations during power loss.
Toothed gear
Made of wear-resistant polymer material. High performance characteristics.
Compatible with most 6 position valves
Connection dimensions fit most common valve models.
Display of refilling and water level in the overflow tank
LED indicators show mains supply, refilling, current water level and alarms.
Direct connection of power loads
Solenoid valve, drain pump and filtration pump.
5-electrode level control of the overflow tank
Sensors are made of stainless steel AISI 316 with plastic protection.
RS-485 interface
Connection of the unit to an external control system.
Our advantages
Domestic manufacturer
Today the company AKON is a well-known Russian developer and manufacturer of dosing equipment and a wide range of microprocessor automatics for swimming pools with its own production in Bogoroditsk, Tula region.
3 year warranty
Full cycle of our own production allows us to give a warranty of 3 years on all equipment, as well as to maintain a stock of components for thousands of units of finished equipment.
Full-cycle in-house manufacturing
One of the strongest advantages of Akon is a team of highly qualified engineers and programmers, engaged in the development of the latest automation systems and continuous improvement of equipment and software.
Large dealer network
Large dealer network allows you to buy equipment in any city of Russia.
We were chosen
We actively cooperate with trading companies, design, installation and construction organizations
Developed logistics infrastructure allows to deliver products to the most remote regions of Russia.