ACON introduces the fence assembly

ACON introduces the fence assembly

ACON introduces an intake assembly for metering pumps

  • The level sensor prevents the dosing line from being bled, thus avoiding chlorine crystallization. The pump stops in time to monitor the chemical level in the canister
  • A check valve prevents water from entering the chemical canister and maintains a stable liquid column in the suction line.
  • Level sensor wires are encased in PVC tubing to prevent damage to them
  • Convenient transfer of the unit from one canister to another without blowing.
  • The stand allows the valve and level sensor to be oriented vertically at all times.
  • The sealing gland on the lid allows the intake unit to be adapted to different canister volumes.
  • The level sensor is located above the intake valve. When the level sensor is triggered, the valve is still in the liquid