DOMINATOR of the new generation

DOMINATOR of the new generation

ACON introduces the new generation of DOMINATOR PRO and DOMINATOR-M PRO 

The flagship range of dosing stations for private and public pools.

DOMINATOR PRO - For pools from 1 to 250m³

DOMINATOR-M PRO - For swimming pools from 1 to 1000m³

Multifunctional dosing stations for monitoring and maintaining pH (hydrogen), Rx (redox potential) and Cl (free chlorine) of swimming pool water.

  • Control of 2 filtration pumps with soft start.
  • Swimming pool heating circuit control.
  • Control of the water level of the overflow or skimmer swimming pool.
  • Control of 2 automatic backwashes AUTOCLEAN S-Light.
  • UV lamp control.
  • Built-in remote access via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


The high-precision adaptive logic algorithm for dosing any type of chemistry for swimming pool water allows to achieve the best parameters, maintaining the required concentration of chemistry in the water with extreme precision.


Three galvanically isolated inputs allow to significantly increase the accuracy of the pH, Rx and Cl measurements, respectively the subsequent control of chemical dosing.


Monitoring of pH, Rx and Cl sensors status. The station by a special algorithm each dosing cycle analyzes readings from electrode sensors and in case of no response to dosing sends a notification about the need to check the condition of sensors and their subsequent calibration.


Automatic cleaning of the amperometric free chlorine sensor. By applying voltage to the sensor electrode, the station automatically cleans the copper base from oxidation. This feature significantly extends the life of the sensor and minimizes the need for maintenance. 

Four silent peristaltic pumps with a capacity of 2.2 l / h (optional 1.5 l / h) with the ability to adjust to the dosing of any type of chemistry for swimming pools. (default: 1 - pH, 2 - Cl, 3 - Floc, 4 - Alg).

Possibility to connect an unlimited number of duplicate dosing pumps with a capacity of up to 2.2 l/h.

Avoid simultaneous dosing of Cl and pH chemicals, as their mixing leads to the formation of poisonous chlorine in gas form.

Built-in overdose protection is an adjustable setting of the maximum allowable daily dosing amount of chemicals required to achieve the desired concentration in the pool water. The daily dosage volume is set for each type of chemistry. When the upper limit of the set volume is reached, the station stops the dosing process until the end of the current day. On the next day, if there is no response from the sensor to dosing, the station switches to the mode of uniform daily dosing until the measuring sensor is recalibrated, thus eliminating the instantaneous consumption of the daily limit.


Possibility to connect chemical level sensors in canisters for each chemical reagent. The level sensor prevents the dosing line from blowing out, which prevents chlorine crystallization. The pump stops in time to monitor the chemical level in the canister. (ACON fence unit)


Flow control. The station has the option of connecting a flow sensor.

Dosing, measurement and event logs. The station keeps logs of chemical consumption, pH, Rx and temperature values, as well as an event log that records emergency and daily dosing reports for each type of chemistry.


Smooth start and stop of 2 pumps of the filter unit with power up to 2.2kW, 220V, each.

In the settings 4 load modes are set:

Small - 3 hours work, 5 hours pause;
Medium - 5 hours work, 3 hours pause;
Large - 7 hours work, 1 hour pause;
Public - 24-hour operation mode;

Built-in protections against overload and dry run current consumption ensure long-lasting and reliable operation of the filtration pumps

The station has 3 timeouts for restarting the pump in case of emergency.

Automatic setting of the current consumption of the filter unit pump is done by calibrating the pump in the remote control menu.


By means of a temperature sensor (supplied), the swimming pool water temperature is measured and, if necessary, the heat exchanger actuators (heating circulation pump, solenoid valve or solenoid contactor of the electric heater) are activated or deactivated.


When 5 electrode sensors are connected - overflow basin water level control.

If a conductometric or float level sensor is connected, the water level of the skimmer pool is monitored. (Sensors must be purchased separately ).

Float level sensor

Immersion sensor

Wide range of settings:

  1. Averaging adjustment: 1 to 60 seconds.
  2. Refill duration adjustment: 1 to 90 minutes;
  3. Pause time between refills: 1 to 10 hours.

Allows the system to be used with different types of water level fluctuations (waves).

Adaptation of refilling for low capacity wells and wells.


The station controls the backwashing of the AUTOCLEAN S-Light filter, fully automating the process.

The station settings specify the parameters:

  1. Flushing, compaction, emptying and pause durations;
  2. Flushing cycles. Weekly schedule with the possibility of setting up to two flushes per day;
  3. Selection of the operation mode of the filtration pump for the flushing period
  4. Pressure limit for forced backwashing (pressure sensor available separately). 


The station turns the UV lamp on and off when the filtration pump is running.


Matrix display with intuitive interface in Russian and English. 6 control buttons allow you to conveniently navigate through the station menu.

Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. Remote control is carried out via mobile applications ACON WEB CONTROL and ACON Bluetooth CONTROL.

Access in the application is divided into 3 levels:

  1. Operation. User section with the ability to monitor values and change them, the limits of which are set in the service section. It is also possible to change the load mode of the pool.
  2. Settings. Section for service personnel with the ability to monitor statistics and change modes of filtration, backwashing and refilling.
  3. Service. Service section with the ability to change all functions of the dosing station via Bluetooth. In WEB version part of the functionality is unavailable, because some settings such as calibration of sensors or change of dosing pump assignment require physical presence at the object.

By default, the Setup and Service sections have passwords that can be changed. This division into levels allows you to grant access according to the competence of the employee or user.

Email notifications. The station itself generates a message and sends it to the e-mail addresses specified in the settings. This functionality allows you to react to problems in the swimming pool instantly, which makes it possible to prevent potentially dangerous situations before they become critical. In the settings you can set up 3 mailboxes to which letters will be sent.

RS-485 interface for connection to Smart Home systems.