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Universal dosing station for controlling and maintaining pH (hydrogen ion concentration) of the swimming pool water.

For pools of volume:

  • from 1 to 250 cubic meters - private;
  • from 1 to 150 cubic meters - public.


A high-precision algorithm of dosing logic for the pH corrector allows achieving the best parameters, maintaining the required concentration.

One galvanically separated input allows significantly increasing the accuracy of measurements of pH and, consequently, the subsequent dosing control.

A single silencio-peristaltic pump with a performance of up to 2.2 l/h (optional 1.5 l/h).

The ability to connect an unlimited number of duplicate dosing pumps with a performance up to 2.2 l/h.

Built-in overdosing protection - a regulated setting of the maximum allowable daily dosing volume of chemical substances required to achieve the required concentration in the pool water. When the upper limit is reached, the station stops the dosing process until the current days are completed. This protection prevents overdosing in case of a measuring sensor failure.

The ability to connect a chemical level sensor in the canister. The chemical level sensor prevents water runoff in the dosing line, which prevents chloride crystallization. The pump stops when the chemical level in the canister is monitored (suction node ACON).

The station includes three flow control options:

  • Connection to the station with 220 V and the filter pumping station;
  • Connection of the filtration control block;
  • Connection of the flow sensor.

The ability to measure and indicate the temperature of the water in the pool with the help of a temperature sensor (purchased separately).
Accumulation of statistics on emergency situations, used chemical substances, and control parameters.


An informative two-line display with an intuitive interface in Russian allows you to set up the station's operation as easily as possible.

Division into user and service settings, protected by a password, allows you to protect the system from interference by third parties.



Kit Contents MONOJUNIOR pH

  1. MONOJUNIOR remote control - 1pc;
  2. ACON dosing pump kit (inlet and outlet with clamps) - 1pc:
    1. SOFT PVC tube 4×6mm (2m) - 2pc;
    2. Increasing inlet 1/2"NPR ACON - 1pc;
    3. Chemical reagent suction 1/2"NPR ACON - 1pc.
  3. pH-electrode 12mm with 2m cable - 1pc;
  4. Kit of buffer calibration solutions - 1pc:
    1. pH7 - 1pc;
    2. pH9 - 1pc.
  5. Welded sealing PVC 1/2"WR-D50/63 - 2pc;
  6. Rx/pH electrode holder with clamp - 1pc;
  7. PVC-PVC wire 2×0.5 - 1pc;
  8. Fasteners kit - 1pc:
    1. Die 6*40 - 4pc;
    2. Screw 4.0*35 - 4pc.
  9. Instruction - 1pc;
  10. Warranty label - 1pc;

Electrical parameters

Power supply voltage

220В ± 10%

Power frequency

50 Hz

Maximum power consumption

15 Wt

Protection class against electric shock

Class II

Protection class


Dimensions and weight

Dimensions of the control panel

209 х 213 х 90 mm

Weight of the control panel

0.8 kg


Number of metering pumps

1 units

Dosing pump type


Maximum capacity of the peristaltic metering pump, at a back pressure of 0.7 bar

1,5 or 2,2 l/h

Maximum back pressure for peristaltic metering pump

1,3 bar

Peristaltic metering pump tube material


Suction and pressure tube material


Suction and pressure tube size

4 х 6 mm

Maximum suction tube length of the metering pump

2 m

Maximum dispense pump discharge tube length

2 m

Maximum pumped liquid temperature

+40 С°

Operating back pressure for peristaltic metering pumps

0,7 bar


Hydrogen pH measurement range

0,0 – 9,9 units

Water temperature measuring range

0 – 52 С°

Pool volume

Minimum pool volume

1 m3

Maximum pool volume (private)

250 m3


Ambient air temperature

+5÷35 С˚

Ambient air humidity