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Universal Dosing Station for pH and Rx control and maintenance of water in a swimming pool.

For private pools of volume from 1 to 750 m³.

Built-in remote access via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi



High-precision adaptive logic algorithm for any type of chemistry dosing allows achieving the best parameters while maintaining the required concentration with maximum precision.

Two gaseous entry ports allow significantly increasing the accuracy of measurements of pH and Rx, and consequently, subsequent dosing control of chemical agents. Sensor status check of pH and Rx. The station, according to a special algorithm, every dosing cycle analyzes the readings from the sensor electrodes and, in the absence of a response to dosing, sends a notification to check the sensor status and calibrate them.

Two membrane dosing pumps with a performance of 7.5 L/h, with the ability to set up for dosing any type of chemistry for swimming pools. It is possible to assign a second dosing pump for any type of chemistry for the swimming pool (default: 1 - pH, 2 - Cl).

The ability to connect an unlimited number of duplicating dosing pumps with a performance of up to 10 L/h.

Exclusion of simultaneous dosing of agents Cl and pH-, as their mixing leads to the formation of toxic chlorine in gas form. The pump stops at the right time, watching the level of chemistry in the canister, which excludes crystallization of chlorine.

Built-in overdose protection - a regulatable setting of the maximum permissible daily dose of chemical agents required to achieve the concentration of water in the pool. The daily dose is set for each type of chemistry. When the upper limit of the set volume is reached, the station stops the dosing process until the end of the day. In the next day, in the absence of a response from the sensor, the station transitions to a uniform daily dosing until the measuring sensor is re-calibrated, thus excluding the immediate discharge of the daily limit.

Chemistry level control in the canister. The sensor level allows you to avoid water shortage in the dosing line, which excludes crystallization of chlorine. The pump stops at the right time, watching the level of chemistry in the canister (Acon ACON entry nodes are included in the package).


The station has three types of flow control:

  • Connection to the station 220 V with a filtering pump;
  • Connection of the filtering control block;
    Connection of the flow sensor.
  • Temperature measurement of the water in the pool using a temperature sensor (purchased separately).
    Dosing, measurement, and event logs. The station maintains logs of the use of chemical agents, pH, Rx, and temperature, as well as event logs, which record emergency situations and daily reporting on dosing of each type of chemistry. 



Matrix display with an intuitive interface in both Russian and English. 6 control buttons allow you to easily navigate through the station's menu.
Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. Remote control is carried out through mobile applications ACON WEB CONTROL and ACON Bluetooth CONTROL.
Access to the application is divided into 3 levels:

  • Work. The user section with the ability to monitor values and changes in them, the range of which is set in the service section. It also allows you to change the load on the pool.
  • Settings. The service section with the ability to monitor statistics.
  • Service. The service section with the ability to change all the functions of the dosing station via Bluetooth. In the WEB version, some functionalities are not available, because some settings such as sensor calibration or changing the dosing pump assignment require physical presence on the site.
    By default, the settings and service sections are set with passwords, which can be changed. This division of levels allows you to provide access according to the competence of the employee or user.

Notifications by E-mail. The station itself forms a message and sends it to the specified email addresses in the settings. This feature allows for immediate reaction to problems in the swimming pool to prevent potentially dangerous situations before they become critical. In the settings, you can set up to 3 email addresses to receive the letters.

RS-485 interface for connection to "Smart Home" systems.


Kit contents JUNIOR - M

  1. JUNIOR-M control - 1pc;
  2. Membrane dosing pump DOZATRON - 2pc;
  3. Set for membrane dosing pump (inlet and discharge with clamps) ACON - 2pc:
    1. Soft PVC tube 4×6mm (3m) - 1pc;
    2. Soft PVC tube 4×6mm (2m) - 1pc;
    3. Discharge valve extended 1/2"NPR ACON - 1pc.
  4. Pool chemical agent dispenser with level sensor ACON (PVC stand 0.5m, cable 2m) - 2pc;
  5. Sensor electrode pH Ø12mm with cable 2m - 1pc;
  6. Sensor electrode Rx Ø12mm with cable 2m - 1pc;
  7. Set of calibration solution buffers - 1pc:
    1. pH 7 - 1pc;
    2. pH 9 - 1pc;
    3. Rx 650 - 1pc.
  8. Soft PVC tube 10×14 mm (5m) - 1pc;
  9. Sample collection cell with 1 stopcock (2 electrode holders, 2 clamps) - 1pc;
  10. Screw PVC-PVC 1/2"NPR-D50/63 - 4pc;
  11. Spring PVC 1/2"NPR-1/2"NP - 2pc;
  12. Fastener 1/2"NPR-tube D14mm - 2pc;
  13. PVC-PVC wire 2×0.5 - 1pc;
  14. Instruction Manual - 1pc;
  15. Warranty Card - 1pc;

  16. Set of fasteners - 1pc:
    1. Screw 6*40 - 11pc;
    2. Screw 4,0*3
    3. Hex Screw 4,0*70 - 3pc;

Electrical parameters

Power supply voltage

220В ± 10%

Power frequency

50 Hz

Maximum power consumption

50 Wt

Protection class against electric shock

Class II

Protection class


Dimensions and weight

Dimensions of the control panel

263 х 194 х 100 mm

Weight of the control panel

0.7 kg


Number of metering pumps

2 units

Dosing pump type


Suction and pressure tube material


Suction and pressure tube size

4 х 6 mm

Maximum suction tube length of the metering pump

2 m

Maximum dispense pump discharge tube length

2 m

Maximum pumped liquid temperature

+40 С°

Maximum capacity of diaphragm metering pumps, at 1.5 bar back pressure

7,5 or 10 l/h

Operating back pressure for diaphragm metering pumps

1,5 bar

Maximum back pressure for diaphragm metering pumps

5 bar

Diaphragm material for diaphragm metering pumps


Diaphragm metering pump valves

Ceramic balls with ring-springs 'Viton'"

Maximum discharge tube length for diaphragm metering pumps

3 m


Maximum pressure in the sample cell

2 bar

Hydrogen pH measurement range

0,0 – 9,9 units

Measuring range (ORP) Rx

000 – 999 mV

Water temperature measuring range

0 – 52 С°

Flow tube material


Size of flow tube

10 х 14 mm

Pool volume

Minimum pool volume

1 m3

Maximum pool volume (private)

1000 m3


Ambient air temperature

+5÷35 С˚

Ambient air humidity


Remote access


IEEE 802.11 b/g/n-compliant

Wi-Fi network frequency range

2,4 GHz

Bluetooth LE

Bluetooth 5


Diaphragm metering pump head material