Membrane pump DOZATRON-C

Membrane pump DOZATRON-C

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ACON DOZATRON pumps are membrane electromagnetic pumps for dosing with a microprocessor.

The membranes of these pumps are made from rigid PTFE and have high chemical and physical durability.

All pumps are IP56 rated.


On the pump's front panel, there is a switch for regulating performance (30%/100%) and for forcibly disabling the pump.

The control of impulses (from 1 to 120 imp/min) is done by a potentiometer on the pump's front panel.

External control of the pump is carried out by supplying and removing 220V from the pump.

The ability to connect a chemical level sensor in the canister. The chemical level sensor prevents water shortage in the dosing line, which excludes crystallization of chlorine. The pump stops at the right time, watching the level of chemistry in the canister (Acon ACON entry nodes are included in the package).

Electrical parameters

Power supply voltage

220В ± 10%

Maximum power consumption

20 Wt

Power frequency

50 Hz

Protection class against electric shock

Class II


Dosing pump type


Suction and pressure tube material


Suction and pressure tube size

4 х 6 mm

Maximum suction tube length of the metering pump

2 m

Maximum dispense pump discharge tube length

3 m

Maximum capacity of diaphragm metering pumps, at 1.5 bar back pressure

10 l/h

Operating back pressure for diaphragm metering pumps

1.5 bar

Maximum back pressure for diaphragm metering pumps

8 bar

Pool volume

Minimum pool volume

1 m3

Minimum pool volume

1000 m3