Dividing track
Dividing track

Dividing track "MOSCOW" (110mm) 50m

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ACON's separating channels are designed to create separate water channels for swimmers' orientation in space and comfortable swimming. In addition, they serve as a wave breaker, absorbing the waves created by swimmers.

ACON's models also ensure reliability and protection. The specially designed shape of the wave absorber (geometry, number of edges and holes) ensures maximum wave absorption. The dipstick part is located in the bottom of the wave absorber, which allows to avoid injuries.

ACON's separating channels not only meet their task well, but also have high quality. They are made from high-quality polymer materials with high operational characteristics. The trough and fittings are made from high-grade stainless steel AISI 316 (purchased separately). Thanks to molybdenum steel, this material is particularly resistant to corrosion and has enhanced resistance to chlorine environments and marine water.

The basic model of the channels by ACON is available in white, blue, and red. ACON's full cycle of production allows producing channels of any color, length, and configuration, so our customers can order models of any taste. The separating channels are packaged in cardboard boxes, which are convenient for transportation and storage.

Dimensions and weight

Waveguide diameter

110 mm

Diameter for cable

7 mm

Float diameter

64 mm

Waveguide width

52,5 mm

Width of the wave breaker under the float

52,5 mm

Float width

35 mm


Wave absorber material


Float material






0,6 m3


55 kg