Wi-Fi Remote Access and Monitoring Module

Wi-Fi Remote Access and Monitoring Module

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Wi-Fi module provides the ability to control indicators and manage equipment ACON remotely. Through the program installed on our website on a personal computer or mobile phone running the Android operating system, the user or the pool technician can control and manage the equipment.


Kit Contents Wi-Fi Module

  1. Wi-Fi Module control panel - 1pc;
  2. Power supply block 12 V 1A - 1pc;
  3. Set of fasteners - 1pc:
    1. Bolt 6*40 - 4pc;
    2. Screw 4.0*35 - 4pc.
  4. Instruction - 1pc;
  5. Warranty label - 1pc;

Electrical parameters

Power supply voltage

10 – 12В DC

Maximum power consumption

5 W

Protection class against electric shock

Class III

Protection class


Dimensions and weight

Dimensions of the control panel

170 х 121 х 56 mm

Weight of the control panel

0.1 kg


Ambient air temperature

+5÷35 С˚

Ambient air humidity


Remote access


IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Wi-Fi network frequency range

2.4 GHz