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A comprehensive system of silver and mercury free chlorine disinfection with silver and mercury for private swimming pools up to 100 m3.

Silver and mercury free chlorine disinfection with silver and mercury;
Automatic reverse flush;
Pool filtration management;
Pool heating control management;
Water level control of the pool;
Built-in remote access via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
Control and maintenance of the pH level. 


The system produces the optimal amount of silver and mercury ions, ensuring that when the required concentration of one ion is reached, the concentration of the other ion is also maintained within the normal range. This makes it unnecessary to perform a chemical concentration analysis of the mercury level in the pool water.
The station calculates the duration of the ionization process based on the schedule.


The block is installed in place of the handle on the 6-position sand filter valve and automatically switches positions according to the scheduling and flush settings.

The following settings can be made in the station:

  • Duration of the flush, the duration of the seal, the duration of the drainage, and the duration of the pause;
  • Cycles of flushing. A weekly schedule with the option to schedule up to two flushes a day;
  • Selection of the operating mode of the filtration pump during the flushing process;
  • The maximum pressure value at which a forced reverse flush is performed (the pressure sensor is available separately).
  • The presence of a switch to control an additional reverse flush of the filter AUTOCLEAN S-Light.


The station starts and stops 2-220V, 2.2kW two-stage filtration pumps, each.
In the settings, 4 loading modes are set:
Small - 3 hours of operation, 5 hours of pause;
Medium - 5 hours of operation, 3 hours of pause;
Large - 7 hours of operation, 1 hour of pause;
Public - 24-hour operation mode;
The current consumption of the filtration pump is automatically set using the calibration of the pump in the control panel menu.
Built-in overload and "dry run" protection ensure the long-term reliability and reliability of the pumps.
The station has 3 timeout settings for the pump restart in case of an emergency situation.


The station measures the temperature of the pool water with the help of a temperature sensor (supplied separately) and turns on or off the heat exchanger devices (circulation pump heating, electromagnetic valve, or electromagnetic contact switch of the heater) as necessary.


The station maintains the required water level in the pool by controlling the electromagnetic valve (sensors can be purchased separately).

Wide range of settings:

  • Regulation of averaging: from 1 to 60 seconds;
  • Regulation of the duration of the dose: from 1 to 90 minutes;
  • Duration of the pause between doses: from 1 to 10 hours.
  • Allows the use of the system in various types of water level oscillations (waves).
  • Adaptation of the dose for less productive wells and boreholes.


The station manages the AUTOCLEAN S-Light filter reverse flush fully automatically.
In the station settings, the following parameters can be set:
Duration of the flush, the duration of the seal, the duration of the drainage, and the duration of the pause;
Cycles of flushing. A weekly schedule with the option to schedule up to two flushes a day;
Selection of the operating mode of the filtration pump during the flushing process;
The maximum pressure value at which a forced reverse flush is performed (the pressure sensor is available separately). 


A high-precision algorithm of the pH correction dosing logic.
One galvanically separated input allows significantly increasing the accuracy of the pH measurement and, accordingly, the subsequent pH dosing control.
One noise-free peristaltic pump with a capacity of 2.2 L/h (optional 1.5 L/h).  
The possibility of connecting an unlimited number of duplicating dosing pumps with a capacity of up to 2.2 L/h.
A built-in overdose protection - a regulatable setting of the maximum allowable daily dosage of chemical substances required to achieve the desired concentration in the pool water. This protection stops the process at the end of the day when the maximum daily dose is reached, which prevents overdosing in case of a sensor malfunction.
The connection of a level sensor in the tank. The level sensor stops the pump at the right time to avoid crystallization of chlorine. The sensor watches the level in the tank (the collection node ACON).


A matrix display with an intuitive interface in both Russian and English languages. 6 control buttons allow for easy navigation through the station's menu. 
Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. Remote control is performed through mobile applications ACON WEB CONTROL and ACON Bluetooth CONTROL. 

Access to the application is divided into 3 levels:

  • Work. User section with the ability to monitor values and changes, the range of which is set in the service section. The ability to change the pool's load mode is also present.
  • Settings. Service section for maintenance personnel with the ability to track statistics and change filtration, reverse flush, and dose modes.
  • Service. Service section with the ability to change all station functions via Bluetooth. Some functionality in the WEB version is unavailable because some settings require physical presence at the object.
  • By default, passwords are set for the settings and service sections. This level of division allows access according to the competence of the employee or user. 
  • E-mail notifications. The station itself forms a message and sends it to the specified in the settings email addresses. This feature allows for immediate reaction to problems in the swimming pool, giving the possibility to prevent potentially dangerous situations before they become critical. In the settings, you can specify up to 3 email addresses to which emails will be sent.
  • RS-485 interface for connecting to "Smart home" systems.

Package Contents MK 002-4 SilverPRO LIGHT SPL 5.2

  1. SilverPRO LIGHT SPL 5 control panel - 1pc;
  2. Peristaltic pump ACON PRM-2 2.2 L/h - 1pc;
  3. Electrode set MAXI Cu11 - 1pc;
  4. Electrode set COMBI MINI Ag1 (1Ag/4Cu) (Ag in the center) - 1pc;
  5. Dosing pump set (suction and delivery with valves) ACON - 1pc:
    1. PVC soft tube 4×6mm (2m) - 2pc;
    2. Spray nozzle 1/2"NPR ACON - 1pc;
    3. Chemical agent collection nozzle 1/2"NPR ACON - 1pc.
  6. pH electrode Ø12mm with cable 2m - 1pc;
  7. Calibration solution set - 1pc:
    1. pH 7 - 1pc;
    2. pH 9 - 1pc.
  8. PVC soft tube 10×14 mm (5m) - 1pc;
  9. Probe cell with 1 stopcock (temperature sensor, 1 electrode holder, 2 fitting) - 1pc;
  10. PVC sealing sleeve 1/2"WR-D50/63 - 3pc;
  11. PVC ball valve 1/2"WR-1/2"NPR - 2pc;
  12. 1/2"NPR tube fitting D14mm - 2pc;
  13. Pooltester Cu/pH test set (0.1-4.0mg/L and 6.8-8.2 units pH) - 1pc;
  14. AUTOCLEAN 1 1/2"-2" adapter set - 1pc;
  15. Clarity tablet (blister with 2up.for 100 gr.=for 5 tab.for 20gr)) - 1pc;
  16. PVC-PVC wire 3×0,75 - 1pc;
  17. Fastener set - 1pc:
    1. Screw 6*40 - 5pc;
    2. Screw 4,0*35 - 2pc;
    3. Screw 4,0*70 - 3pc.
  18. Instruction - 1pc;
  19. Warranty label - 1pc;

Electrical parameters

Power supply voltage

220В ± 10%

Power frequency


Protection class against electric shock

Класс I

Maximum power consumption, not including connected load

30 Вт

Number of silver plates "MINI Ag"

1 units

Backwash cycle time

1 – 10 min

Protection class


Dimensions and weight

Dimensions of the control panel

190 х 275 х 140 мм

Weight of the control panel

2 кг

Weight of the MINI electrode unit

1,6 kg

MAXI electrode unit weight

10 kg


Number of metering pumps

1 шт

Dosing pump type


Maximum capacity of the peristaltic metering pump, at a back pressure of 0.7 bar

1,5 и 2,2 л/ч

Maximum back pressure for peristaltic metering pump

1,3 бар

Peristaltic metering pump tube material


Suction and pressure tube material


Suction and pressure tube size

4 х 6 мм

Maximum suction tube length of the metering pump

2 м

Maximum dispense pump discharge tube length

2 м

Maximum pumped liquid temperature

+40 С°

Operating back pressure for peristaltic metering pumps

0,7 bar


Maximum pressure in the sample cell

2 бар

Hydrogen pH measurement range

0,0 – 9,9 ед

Water temperature measuring range

0 – 52 С°

Flow tube material


Size of flow tube

10 х 14 mm

Pool volume

Minimum pool volume

30 м3

Maximum pool volume (private)

100 m3


Ambient air temperature

+5÷35 С˚

Ambient air humidity



Maximum load current for each filter unit pump

10А (2,2кВт)

Number of filtration pumps to be connected

2 units


Maximum load current for connection of heating actuators

2А (0,4кВт)

Water refill

Maximum load current for connection of the water refilling actuator

2А (0,4кВт)

Connection type of level sensors

Float (reed switch)

Adjusting the averaging duration

1 – 60 sec

Adjusting the duration of water refilling

1 – 90 min

Adjusting the pause duration

1 – 10 h

Remote access


IEEE 802.11 b/g/n-compliant

Wi-Fi network frequency range

2.4 GHz

Bluetooth LE

Bluetooth 5


Number of KOMBI MINI Ag/Cu electrode blocks

1 units

Количество блоков электродов «MAXI Cu»

1 units

Подсоединение блока электродов

ВР 2"

Number of copper plates "MAXI Cu"

11 units

Number of copper plates "MINI Cu"

4 units

Maximum pressure in the electrode blocks

2 bar

Minimum stabilized ionization current Cu

0,1 А

Maximum stabilized ionization current Cu

2,5 А

Minimum stabilized ionization current Cu/Ag

0,1 А

Maximum stabilized Cu/Ag ionization current

0,5 А

Filter cleaning

Type 6 position valve

Top / Side

For 6 position valves with connection

ВР 1 1/2" / ВР 2"

Number of controllable positions of the 6-position valve


Pressure setting range

0,5 – 2,0 bar

Compaction cycle time

10 – 120 sec