SilverPRO LIGHT SPL 10.3
SilverPRO LIGHT SPL 10.3
SilverPRO LIGHT SPL 10.3
SilverPRO LIGHT SPL 10.3

SilverPRO LIGHT SPL 10.3

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A comprehensive system of bromine disinfection using silver and mercury ions with filtering and heating control for private swimming pools and spas of up to 400 m³.

Bromine disinfection using silver and mercury ions;
Control of swimming pool filtering;
Control of swimming pool heating;
Monitoring of the level of water in the swimming pool;
Automatic reverse cleaning control AUTOCLEAN S-Light;
Control and maintenance of the pH level (optional);
Remote access via Wi-Fi or GSM (optional). 


The system produces the optimal amount of silver and mercury ions, ensuring that when one ion concentration is reached, the other ion concentration is also maintained within the normal range. This makes it unnecessary to measure the concentration of mercury ions in the water of the pool, saving time and effort.
The station calculates the time of ionization according to a special program.


The pumping station of the filtering installation can be started and stopped with a power of up to 2.2 kW, 220 V.

Four loading modes can be set:

  • Small - 3 hours of operation, 5 hours of pause;
  • Medium - 5 hours of operation, 3 hours of pause;
  • Large - 7 hours of operation, 1 hour of pause;
  • Public - 24-hour operation mode.

Automatic setting of the current consumption of the pumping station by the control panel.
Built-in protection against overloading and "dry run" ensure the long-term and reliable operation of the pumps.
The station has 3 timeout settings for the pump restart in case of an emergency situation.


Using a temperature sensor (included), the station measures the temperature of the swimming pool and turns on or off the heat exchanger (circulating pump for heating, electromagnetic valve or electromagnetic contactor for electric heater) as necessary.


Using a two-way level sensor, a condensing sensor, or a plunging sensor, the station maintains the desired water level in the swimming pool by controlling the electromagnetic valve (the sensor can be purchased separately).

Wide range of settings:

  • Averaging adjustment: from 1 to 60 seconds;
  • Adjustment of the dose duration: from 1 to 90 minutes;
  • Pause duration between doses: from 1 to 10 hours.
  • Allows the use of the system with different types of water level oscillations.
  • Adaptation of the dose for less productive wells and wells.


The station controls the AUTOCLEAN S-Light filter reverse cleaning, fully automating this process.
In the station settings, the following parameters can be set:
Duration of cleaning, filling, draining, and pause;
Cycle of cleaning. A weekly schedule with the ability to set up to two cleansings a day;
Selection of the pumping station operation mode during cleaning;
The maximum pressure value at which a forced reverse cleaning is carried out (the pressure sensor can be purchased separately). 


A high-precision algorithm of the pH dose adjustment logic.
One galvanically separated input allows significantly increasing the accuracy of the pH measurement and, accordingly, the subsequent pH dose adjustment.
One silencio-peristaltic pump with a performance of up to 2.2 l/h (optionally 1.5 l/h).  
The ability to connect an unlimited number of duplicating dose pumps with a performance up to 2.2 l/h.
Built-in protection against overdose - this adjustable setting is the maximum allowable daily dose of chemical substances, necessary to reach the desired concentration in the pool water. When the set value is reached, the process of dose adjustment is stopped until the end of the current day. This protection prevents overdose in case of a failure of the measuring device.
The ability to connect a level sensor in the tank. The level sensor stops the pump at the right time, following the level of the chemical in the tank (A gathering node ACON).


A four-line display with an intuitive interface in both Russian and English. 6 buttons for control allow you to easily navigate through the station menu. 

By default, the settings and service sections of the station are protected by passwords that can be changed. This division of responsibilities allows access according to the competence of the employee or user. 

The ability to connect Wi-Fi or a GSM module for remote monitoring and control.

RS-485 interface for connection to "Smart Home" systems.


Kit contents MC 002-4 SilverPRO LIGHT SPL 10.3

  1. SilverPRO SPL 10 pult - 1pc;
  2. MAXI Cu11 electrode assembly - 4pc;
  3. COMBI MINI Ag2 (2Ag/3Cu) electrode assembly - 1pc;
  4. Temperature sensor 0-50°C M12*1.5 - 1pc;
  5. Pooltester Cu/pH test kit (0.1-4.0mg/l and 6.8-8.2 pH units) - 1pc;
  6. Clarity (2-pack of 100 g each = 5 tabs of 20 g each) - 1pc;
  7. PVC-PVC wire 3*0.75 - 1pc;
  8. Set of fasteners - 1pc:
    1. Bolt 6*40 - 4pc;
    2. Screw 4.0*35 - 4pc.
  9. Instruction - 1pc;
  10. Warranty label - 1pc;

Electrical parameters

Power supply voltage

220В ± 10%

Power frequency


Protection class against electric shock

Класс I

Maximum power consumption, not including connected load

50 Вт

Number of silver plates "MINI Ag"

4 шт

Protection class


Dimensions and weight

Dimensions of the control panel

300 х 230 х 110 мм

Weight of the control panel

2 кг

Weight of the MINI electrode unit

1,6 кг

MAXI electrode unit weight

10 кг


Hydrogen pH measurement range

0,0 – 9,9 ед

Water temperature measuring range

0 – 52 С°

Pool volume

Minimum pool volume

270 м3

Maximum pool volume (private)

400 м3


Ambient air temperature

+5÷35 С˚

Ambient air humidity



Maximum load current for each filter unit pump

10А (2,2кВт)

Number of filtration pumps to be connected

1 шт


Maximum load current for connection of heating actuators

2А (0,4кВт)


Number of KOMBI MINI Ag/Cu electrode blocks

2 шт

Количество блоков электродов «MAXI Cu»

4 шт

Подсоединение блока электродов

ВР 2"

Number of copper plates "MAXI Cu"

44 шт

Number of copper plates "MINI Cu"

6 шт

Maximum pressure in the electrode blocks

2 бар

Minimum stabilized ionization current Cu

1 А

Maximum stabilized ionization current Cu

10 А

Minimum stabilized ionization current Cu/Ag

0,1 А

Maximum stabilized Cu/Ag ionization current

0,5 А

Water refill

Connection type of level sensors

Поплавковый (герконовый)

Adjusting the averaging duration

1 – 60 сек

Adjusting the duration of water refilling

1 – 90 мин

Adjusting the pause duration

1 – 10 ч