New generation AUTOCLEAN COMBO

New generation AUTOCLEAN COMBO

ACON introduces the new generation of AUTOCLEAN COMBO, a multifunctional swimming pool control unit.

In this article we will look at which processes AUTOCLEAN COMBO automates.

Dosing and control AUTOCLEAN COMBO PRO


By monitoring the pH (Hydrogen) and Cl (Free Chlorine) levels of the swimming pool water using pH and Cl electrode sensors, the station with adaptive logic ensures uniform and accurate dosing of chemicals (pH corrector and sodium hypochlorite).

Automatic cleaning of the amperometric free chlorine sensor from oxidations formed on the copper electrode by applying voltage to it.

AUTOCLEAN COMBO dosing and monitoring

By controlling the pH (Hydrogen Index) and Rx (Redox Potential) of the swimming pool water with the help of pH and Rx electrode sensors, the station provides uniform dosing of chemical reagents (pH corrector and sodium hypochlorite) according to a special program.

Automatic control of 6-position valve of filtration systems

  • By programmable weekly timer, with the possibility of setting up to two backwashing cycles per day;
  • When the pressure in the filter exceeds the set threshold value;
  • By external signal.

Remote access and control

Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfaces allow remote configuration and monitoring of the station via a mobile application, without the need for additional equipment.

Automatic filtration control

Control of up to two filtration pumps with a maximum capacity of 2.2 kW each, with the possibility of round-the-clock alternating operation.

4 load modes can be set in the settings:

  • Minor - 3 hours work, 5 hours pause;
  • Medium - 5 hours work, 3 hours pause;
  • Large - 7 hours work, 1 hour pause;
  • Public - round-the-clock operation mode;

Built-in overload and dry run current protection ensure long-lasting and reliable operation of the filtration pumps.

Automatic control of the heat exchange circuit

The unit settings specify the required maintained temperature and the deviation at which the heating circuit is switched on and off.

Automatic refilling of water into the pool

By connecting a solenoid valve and float level sensor.

Matrix display in Russian and English

Intuitive interface makes it easy to customize the operation of the unit.