Acon Company Today

Acon Company Today

Today ACON is a well - known Russian developer and manufacturer of dosing equipment and a wide range of microprocessor-based automation for swimming pools with a production and warehouse complex in Bogoroditsk, Tula region.

Striving for development and automation of production - these are the factors that formed and characterized ACON as a company at the beginning of its journey. Since 2007, the company's goal has been to produce equipment that guarantees perfect water in swimming pools.

The main advantage of ACON is the complete cycle of its own production. Dispensing equipment and microprocessor automation of the highest quality are produced on modern and high quality machines.

Robotic SMD automats. Unsoldering of electronic boards is performed on robotized SMD automats of Autotronik company. Surface mounting of printed circuit boards is the most modern method of production of electronic products. 


Injection molding machines. All plastic parts are molded on Haitian's own injection molding machines. Only high-tech polymers resistant to chemical reagents are used as raw materials. 


High-precision milling and turning machines from HAAS are used for metalworking. All metal components are manufactured on our own machines. 


In addition to high quality and control in the production of all equipment, ACON is able to maintain a stock of components for tens of thousands of units of finished equipment, which avoids delays in shipments.

One of the strongest advantages of ACON is a team of highly qualified engineers and programmers, engaged in the development of the latest automation systems and continuous improvement of the produced hardware and software. Our team employs more than 30 people, who manage large production due to its full automation.

Also the company has a large dealer network, which allows you to buy our equipment in any city of Russia and CIS countries.  The main principle in dealer relations is constant support and lack of competition for retail sales due to the fact that the goods are sold only through dealers and partners. Regular seminars provide dealers with up-to-date information about the equipment.

ACON company does not stand still, every year it grows and constantly introduces new automation technologies in its production. Developing a successful and efficient business, ACON offers customers a wide range of high quality pool equipment at the best level of prices and service.