JUNIOR PRO / -M PRO series of dosing stations for public swimming pools

JUNIOR PRO / -M PRO series of dosing stations for public swimming pools

ACON is constantly expanding and modernizing its equipment lineup. Dosing stations with ACON peristaltic pumps have been reliable equipment for many years, but large public pools require stations with diaphragm pumps with significantly higher capacity.

Today ACON company is ready to offer diaphragm pumps of its own production. We are the first in Russia to start production of membrane pumps for dosing reagents for swimming pools.

JUNIOR-M PRO dosing station with diaphragm pumps for swimming pools up to 1000 m3. 2 DOZATRON diaphragm dosing pumps, capacity 10 l/h. 1 peristaltic dosing pump, 1.5 l/h for flocculant, coagulant or algaecide.

JUNIOR PRO dosing station with peristaltic pumps for pools up to 150 m3. 2 peristaltic dosing pumps with a capacity of 2.2 l/h. 1 peristaltic dosing pump with a capacity of 1.5 l/h for flocculant, coagulant or algaecide.

All dosing channels allow the connection of an unlimited number of duplicate dosing pumps, which allows the use of these stations on pools of any volume.

Remote access and management: built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfaces allow remote configuration and monitoring of the station via a mobile application, without the need for additional equipment.

Email notifications. The station itself generates a message and sends it to the email addresses specified in the settings. This functionality allows you to react to problems in the swimming pool instantly, making it possible to prevent potentially dangerous situations before they become critical.

Built-in overdose protection: adjustable setting of the maximum permissible daily dosage of chemicals required to reach the required concentration in the pool water.

3 galvanically isolated inputs for measuring parameters: Rx, pH and amperometric free chlorine sensors, allowing a significant increase in dosing accuracy to 0.01 units.

Automatic cleaning of the amperometric free chlorine sensor from oxidation formed on the copper electrode minimizes the need for maintenance.

An intake unit with a level sensor on a rigid stand is included with the stations.

The level sensor prevents a blockage in the dosing line, which eliminates chlorine crystallization. The pump stops in time to monitor the level of chemistry in the canister